• What are the latest news in breast cancer treatments?
  • What should I know about lymphedema ?
  • How do I configure my diet after my adventure with breast cancer ?
  • What about my sex life ?

In Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” we are aware of the questions that concern women with breast cancer experience and we provide them with scientific information for the past seven years through the seminars ‘ I decide therefore I know ”

The aim of ‘I decide therefore I know ‘ seminars

The aim of the seminars is responsible information and guidance by doctors and scientists, in order to ensure a better quality of life during or after the breast cancer experience.

When do the sessions take place?

Seminars last 2.5 hours and are always held in Saturday,10:00p.m . – 12:30a.m . at Hotel Electra ( Ermou 5 Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece ) .
The seminars are free and any woman who has experienced breast cancer can register.

Who can participate in the seminars ‘ I decide therefore I know”?

The program “I decide therefore I know” concerns exlusivelly women with breast cancer experience.
Recognizing that knowledge is power, “Alma Zois” invites every woman with breast cancer experience to be informed in detail about the issues that affect her.

The  number of participants is limited ( 30 persons in each seminar ) in order to allow discussions with health and oncology experts that will give the participants answers to their questions.

I decide because I know 2016

The seminars take place from 16 April to December 17, 2016 , 10 : 00-12 : 30 in the Electra Hotel
( Ermou 5, Athens ) .