Breast cancer patients psychosocial support goals

The psychosocial support program implemented by experienced mental health professionals of the Association “Alma Zois” ( health psychologists – psychotherapists , social workers ) is the “heart” of the Association’s programs, along with the volunteer program.

The main objective is individualized psychosocial rehabilitation services , depending on the needs of each patient and the stage of treatment in which it is located.

More specifically, the psychosocial assistance and programs aim to:

  • immediate response to the crisis brought about by diagnosing breast cancer
  • managing unpleasant emotions ( anxiety, fear metastasis , death, fear , depression )
  • acceptance of the new body image
  • adaptation to new living conditions
  • training in skills to achieve better quality of life

Individual Counseling

Association Members have the opportunity of individual meetings in order to process specific issues of concern and to develop coping strategies .

Individual counseling, however , is not only offered to our members, women with breast cancer experience , but also to their family members .

Couple and family counseling

The breast cancer diagnosis is a family affair .

The balance , the roles and the dynamics of relations are temporarily disrupted .

The couple counseling aims to improve the relationship of the partners , the better communication , recognition of the needs of each partner in solving problematic ” areas” , etc

Stress Management Group

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives . The goal of the group is not to never have stress again, but to learn how to manage it .

It is very important for women with breast cancer to have stress management skills , so that they can cope with both the treatment needs and everyday .

Women’s Support Group In Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is undoubtedly one of the most painful phases of treatment , as it causes several side effects. Sometimes women feel to have lost control , the side effects of treatment affect both the psychological state and their functionality and their self-image , their role is disturbed both within the family and in the employment context .
The goal of the Support group for women in chemo is to support women who are faced with this healing process , the treatment and resolution of issues of concern , recognition and processing of emotions and fears of worried and learning relaxation skills will be able to use during chemotherapy .

Women with Metastasis Support Group

Metastasis is a stressful event for the woman .

Confronted with new threats , the balance that had regained agitated , negative thoughts and emotions prevail .

The aim of the group is the recognition and treatment of fears and concerns that arise ,
expression and relief of unpleasant emotions , motivation towards an active resolution of this problem, the acceptance and adaptation to new conditions .

Delimitation and Communication Group

The aim of the group is the recognition and expression of emotions and difficulties that arise in communicating with others , enhancing self-esteem and personal sense of responsibility for the operational management of the difficulties in human relations and education in skills that contribute to the definition and effective communicating with others .
Treatment groups are closed , with a specific number of participants and specific duration

Telephone Support Line:

The Telephone Support Line, 210 8253253 Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” is a confidential informational source and a source of support addressed both to women with breast cancer experience and to family members, relatives and friends.

The Support Hotline is staffed by a psychologist – psychotherapist of the Association, while there is a chat with trained volunteers – women with breast cancer experience of the Association.

Every phone call we make sure that occurs in a climate of respect and confidentiality.

Goals of the Telephone Support Line

The aim of the Support Telephone Line is that every woman, in every place of Greece can express and discuss issues such as :

  • The difficulty to accept the diagnosis
  • Feelings , thoughts and concerns
  • How and whether to inform children , relatives and friends for the disease.
  • Also, through the Support Line Call, the woman with breast can receive accurate information on
    issues of labor rights, insurance coverage and state benefits.

The Telephone Support Line also gives the opportunity to friends and relatives of women with breast cancer  to express their experience, to develop and discuss feelings and concerns and how to behave to their loved one.

210 8253253
Operating Days: Monday – Friday
Operating hours: 10:00 to 18:00