Free Clinical Breast Exams for women 20 – 39 years old.

“Alma Zois” in collaboration with Hellenic Society of Breast Surgeons (HSBS) and Municipality of Athens conducts Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness and Clinical Examination Program.

Program includes appointment with a HSBS’s specialized breast cancer surgeon, where women get informed about breast cancer prevention and get a clinical breast examination.

If deemed necessary by the doctor, women are referred for additional free tests (mammography, ultrasound or cytological exam) in diagnostic centers.

Program’s objectives

The program aims:

  • To inform women aged 20-39 years old about early diagnosis methods
  • women to get informed about breast health from a specialist
  • women to get familiar with the process of clinical examination
  • women to have the opportunity to get examined by breast surgeons and take clinical examination according to specialists’ recommendations.


Let’s talk numbers

During the program from 2011 to 2017:

2735 women were examined
1509 women were referred for further tests
1 case of breast cancer was detected