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Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by breast cancer survivors with the support and scientific guidance of the social worker, Mrs. Iosifina Skourta.
Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all the members, volunteers and members of the Board are breast cancer survivors.

Our motto is life with quality!

Our Vision

Association’s vision is every breast cancer patient in Greece to have full psychosocial support and information on all matters concerning her health, career and life.
Moreover, every woman in Greece to be aware of breast cancer as well as of the importance and methods of early detection.

  • We want to eliminate the ignorance about the disease and how to prevent it.
  • We want patients to have appropriate support and information.
  • We want our message to reach every corner of Greece, to every woman who is worried or is going through her own fight with breast cancer.

Our Goals

  • Peer Support
  • Psychosocial Support to woman with breast cancer and her family members
  • Informing women nationwide about breast cancer, ways of prevention and early diagnosis
  • Informing women with breast cancer about their rights (insurance, benefits, labor rights)
  • Claiming quality patients care

Our Story

In 1988, Dora, Popi, Alexandra, Irene, Eleni, Efi, Kaiti and Julia came together with the initiative of Metaxas Hospital Head of Social Service, Mrs Iosifina Skourta.
The diagnosis was the same: Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer brought them together.
They had common experiences, common concerns and the same passion for life.
Their goal was to help themselves as well as other women with the same experience.
At a time when breast cancer was a taboo, those women united under the guidance and scientific support of the experienced social worker, creating “Alma Zois”.

Our People

Today,  “Alma Zois” is the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer.
Our people work together in order to help more women.
The Association’s scientific work is designed and coordinated by mental health professionals and it is approved by a large multidisciplinary scientific committee.

Currently the Association consists of:

  • 2249 members
  • 180 trained volunteers
  • 20 members of the Scientific Committee
  • 7 members of the Board of Directors
  • 8 professionals
The Board of Directors:
  • President: Paraskevi Michalopoulou
  • Vice-President: Margarita Chrysanthou – Peterou
  • Secretary: Iris-Eirini Argyri
  • Treasurer: Andriani Tsapela
  • Members: Vasiliki Yohai, Katerina ChotzoglouAlternate Members: Panagiota Giannopoulou, Pyrounaki Maria
The Professionals:


Contact Information: 2104180006, 2108815444
Fax: 2104180016
Support Line (for psychological support only): 210 8 253 253