Our Goals

Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” goals are:

– peer support

– psychosocial support

– information on the rights of women with breast cancer experience

– to inform all women about breast cancer

– to promote breast cancer prevention and early diagnosis

Our motto

Life with quality!

Our vision

A world without breast cancer

 Mobile app : MY alma
… a mobile app for every woman living with metastatic breast cancer.

If you are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, we have built a tool so that you can have all the information and support you need… on hand!

We know that being diagnosed with metastasis is a fact that changes patients lives and creates a new reality for them.
Guided by the needs of metastatic breast cancer patients, Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”
created a mobile app that aims to become a useful tool for every woman with metastatic breast cancer.



Genetic Testing and Analysis

Psychosocial Support Groups


"Donate Strength": Hair donation program

  • Cut your hair

    Specifications are simple: Hair longer than 20cm, with no chemical treatment. You can cut your hair in the hair salon of your choice!

  • Fill in the online form

    For personal data safety reasons, the shipping procedure have changed and CANNOT be done by phone!

  • Free Pickup

    Prepaid Carrier will pick up your hair from the address you have stated on the form within 15 working days

  • Thank you letter

    You will receive a thank you letter by email after your form registration

  • You donated strength

    Donated hair is collected at "Alma Zois" headquarters and afterwards send to wig manufacturer. Women undergoing chemotherapy will receive the wig they desire. Thank you for giving us strength!



Remind me

What should i do to prevent breast cancer?

Fill in  your details
and we will send you a reminder for your screening!

Search for Breast Health Structures

Breast health structures in Greece, in 3 steps!

Search for a hospital or clinic
type of examination or treatment and Area.

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